Ganga Pharmaceutical is the replica of good health and genuine Ayurveda products, I personally use products on a daily basis whether its Aampachanvati, Ashuka, Ashwo, Shilajit, vato and many more products. products of Ganga is behind my health and happiness and improved my immunity to the peak.

I have personally visited factory of Ganga last year and seen the processes for procuring material, testing, packaging and sales and distribution, machinery etc. though it’s not a large setup but I would say its build on the solid foundations. At Ganga they believe on creating something good for society and keep human being healthy. Its users what I have seen are very selected people since production capability has limitations 100% of the products gets sold within Mumbai within existing consumers. Company need little more expansion so that offering can be improve in health beauty and other money making segments. Overall it’s a great company because of its products and the way it’s been managed till date.